Everyday Erotica

About Everyday Erotica

Q. What is this website about?

It's about showing that sex can be more in of our everyday lives. We, in America especially, are extremely sex-starved and touch-starved. It's hard to say that most people teem with vitality. Our mental and physical health is largely in the pot. We're told to set aside 30 minutes everyday for self-care, to get exercise, and drink water. But we're missing something on a deep level. I seek to take the shame out of sex and sensuality. It should be part of our everyday. It's not immoral and it should not be taboo. How are human babies made? Sex. What do they need for sustenance in their first years? Typically milk from gigantic, jiggly, life giving boobs. This is part of who we are, and it's life affirming. In my reading and opinion, life either hums with sensuality or it hums with anger. And if we look around, our everyday is mostly the latter. I want to show what it would look like if it hummed with sensuality. I have a vision in my head of how much the liberalization of sex attitudes can do. I see sex work as playing a role in therapy. I think friendships can hum with more sensuality. I think single women in particular should be free to pursue their fantasies. I will forever maintain: female sexuality is not difficult. It's just not currently permitted.

Q. What are your goals?

My focused goal is to liberalize thoughts and laws related to sex, and anything related to women really. I seek to promote more freedom by offering a vision. This site will have many adult-themed fantasies and stories. But it will also have a lot of political commentary related to sex. I want to show you what you are missing. I'll have realistic fantasies and ones I have to conjure up. I have to imagine some of them, because so much related to sex is illegal and controlled that I can but offer the vision. I seek three things:

  1. Get the state out of marriage
  2. Legalize all sex work
  3. Get the state out of education

In short, get the state out of anything that women in particular dominate at--and thus need freedom. This is how women have been controlled for millennia: by suppressing their sexuality and their intuition. It is NO wonder to me that these things are heavily regulated and controlled by the state. 

Q. What kind of "erotica" will you share?

I want to share erotic stories that can actually happen. My goal is to show things that are actually possible. I've done some research about erotica, and it seems to follow the same principles of porn: people need harder and harder erotica to stimulate them. Apparently there was a dinosaur craze for a while: dinosaurs raping women then eating them. Everything here will be something I would actually want. It sets the pace: it won't be too violent or too boring. I am a married woman with 3 small children. The goal is to make you feel like it could actually happen. You could go home tonight and use one of my ideas with your wife or husband. I want the opposite of this porn principle, I want to bring back the subtle. I've had some of my most erotic experiences using nothing but my eyes. And I seek to push the bounds a little bit. Something as simple as rubbing a man's back seems innocent--until you realize I'm suggesting a married woman do it with a man who is not her husband. And I see nothing wrong with it. That will be the running theme of this blog. "What's wrong with it?" 

Q. Why are you doing this?

Honestly, I'm bitter. I look back on my youth and who I was and the fantasies I had--and women are entirely forbidden on acting on any of those impulses. I'll share some of the fantasies from my youth. We bleat on about how people need to "find your true self" and "have the courage to be you" but we're pretty busy waging a war on who people actually are. I remember reading an ad for an erotic dancer when I was quite young, and I was totally enamored. This of course is seen as taboo and immoral, and I was promptly looked at as naïve and cute for being interested in such a thing. A woman's sexuality is repressed from early ages. Girls get sent home from school for showing a bra strap. Evn an adult women who shows too much cleavage is the subject of shame and humiliation. I've read that women in other cultures dance FOR each other, tell stories about sex, and host erotic dancing festivals. That is who I am and that is the society I want to live in--at least one that LETS me do such a thing. I absolutely die inside when I see highway billboards for peanut festivals. Peanut festivals! I am a very sexual woman. Period. It's actively suppressed. There is nothing wrong with it or me. I am a very kind, ethical, productive person. I seek to take the shame out of this. I am able to take my bitterness and turn it into something. In this culture of toxic positivity, stop telling me to "see the bright side." I see the dark side, and it galvanizes me. I can push through. I have a vision. I see the light. Let me work towards it.